Educational Center

All seminars and trainings of CBI Security are held in modern facilities at CBI TRAINING CENTER in Varkiza, Attica. Within an area of 4 acres, the training center of CBI Security features large teaching classrooms, a computer room, a cafeteria and living quarters for trainees who participate in enclosed courses. The large outdoor spaces, the open amphitheater and outdoor pool, can offer learners the best theoretical and practical training.

We provide battle arena, appropriately configured, to provide the learner with the most realistic picture in any training. Each trainee is provided with all the necessary equipment required by each type of training. A unique training center for the Greek data, equal to great educational schools abroad.

Through educational seminars, the student perceives- realizes -works and is able to cope with any emergency, protecting herself/himself and the official who she/he accompanies.

CBI Training Academy