Human Resources

The manpower of CBI Security consists of professionals with expertise in the field of security services, with work permit from the Ministry of Public Order & Citizen Protection, able to carry out any security problem.

The choice of security personnel is performed by taking into account some strict criteria on basic safety procedures of people, guarding spaces, first aid needs of medical care, the use of coercion, legal defense procedures, public safety and control of technical devices. This is done so that we meet the requirements of every need and always be alert to all modern methods of dealing with emergencies (fire-earthquake- explosive devices- threats and any form of panic attack).

Security personnel are monitored daily by security supervisors of our company. The uniformed personnel of CBI Security is equipped with the approved uniform of our company (a winter one and a summer one)by the National Defense General Staff. The imposing presence of security personnel in connection with the professionalism, courtesy, and confidentiality is the principle of preventing acts of unlawful interference.