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Individualized implants, José Figueiredo and Luís Mesquita Santos

From All on 4 to Individualized Implants Bernardo Nunes de Sousa

Atrophic maxillary rehabilitation with individualized implant

Webinar Nuno Cruz Individualized Meshes

Individualized solution with Paulo Carvalho

Mandible reconstruction with individualized implant by Abdul Hameed Attar

Mandible reconstruction with custom made implant

Cleft Palate4

Cleft Palate3

Cleft Palate2

WhIteKiss Clinic lecture at SSOMS about individualised implants


Implantize Sup



2th Individualized Implant Course

Resorpted mandible rehabilitation with individualized TMJ implant and fibula flap

Individualized mesh planning video

Mesh4u - individualized Ti mesh surgery

23 de maio de 2020