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Our devices are carachterized by high quality demands,
matching the requirements of the most important institutions
for medical devices such as EC,FDA , Anvisa and SFDA.

Implantize Compact

Severe maxillary atrophy is characterized by the resorption of alveolar bone, so far all concepts related to dental implants fail the concepts about basal implants.
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Implantize Hybrid

Atrophy Jaws Rehabilitation
Individualized dental implant, in medical grade Titanium, for rehabilitation of the maxilla or mandible with severe bone loss, where the placement of endosseous implants or zygomatic implants is not the solution.
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Cranio Maxillofacial Prosthesis
iCMF was the name given to the range of medical devices, with the purpose of replacing and / or reconstructing maxillofacial cranial defects, caused by trauma, tumor or other cause that has led to the loss of function of maxillofacial areas.
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Mesh 4U

Guided Bone Regenerative Procedures
Individualized grade 5 titanium mesh, produced by selective laser sintering (SLM), with CAD-CAM system bases and indication for use in regenerative techniques for maxillary and mandibular bone atrophies.
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Custom Made Plates & Implants
Peek is already used and accepted for cranial plates and other CMF Orthopedic prosthesis and even plates for Khoury graftin Techniques. We use implantable grade PEEK to create prosthesis by FDM 3D printing processes. This avoids the need to add materials to homogenize PEEK surface after selective laser sintering.
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