Organs’ shape and size are specific to each patient. With our 3D modelling solutions either 3D digital scans or printed models, we ensure a clear and accurate anatomy construction to help better understand the pathology and plan surgeries

We can offer the production of three-dimensional custom anatomical models primarily for dental, medical, and biomedical engineering applications. Using CT or MRI scan data, we can produce both physical solid models and CAD-compatible virtual models that are accurate three-dimensional representations of patient-specific anatomy.

We also provide anatomical engineering and design services to help our clients find solutions to their specific anatomically-related projects.
Our models are used for visualization and healthcare education.

Why is surgical planning so important?

And why the use of 3D printed models ?

Some of the main reasons explained right here.

Patient Education
Having the surgery explained well to a patient comforts his trust in both the doctor and the surgical operation. 3D-printed anatomy models are proving invaluable in facilitating patient understanding of prospective surgeries and procedures.

The surgeon will have a significantly improved understanding of the work he has to do. Surgeons can now gain the benefit of an unobstructed 3D patient-specific view of hidden tissues and blood vessels.

During Op
Studies show the 3 following improvements : duration of surgical operations has decreased significantly ; as well as the average volume of bleeding ; drastic increase of the number of lymph node dissections.

The overall outcome of the surgery proved to have much improved results by the following metrics : Decrease of the Postoperative flatus recovery time ; Decrease of the Duration of hospitalization. The studies show a general satisfaction rate improvement for both the patient and the doctor of over 20%.